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Sheridan County 2020 Population by Twp. & City

Terms of Office for the Following:

Coroner-2 year term

Director of Tax Equlization-3 years for the 1st training years, until certified, then every year after that.

Service Officer-every year

Civil Defense-every year

911 Coordinator-every year

County Park Commissioners-every year

Sheridan County Planning Commission Members

Sheridan County Park Board and Officers

Sheridan County Historical Museum

Central Dakota Social Service Board

Weed Control Board

Water Recourse Board

County School Reorganizing Committee

Sheridan County School District Map

Dakota Praires RC & D at Large Representative: Sarah Crimmins , PO Box 439 , McClusky, ND 58463, Phone # 701-363-2242

Lewis & Clark Regional Development Board

Sheridan County Building Permit Application

Sheridan County Permit Application

Sheridan County Planning & Zoning 2021