2017 Property Tax Information

Public info for Property Tax Statement 2017


Property Taxes are the taxes imposed on property based on its value.

Property Taxes are the main funding source for local governments. The county collects the taxes and distributes the revenue to the county, cities, townships, school districts and other taxing districts.


12% Property Tax Buy-Down Eliminated

  • The 12% buy-down was the method lawmakers approved to share oil production income with property tax payers across the state. This could be viewed as a “bonus” when the state was doing well financially. The current budget situation did not support continuation of the 12% property tax buy-down.

Reduction in State Aid

  • Counties, cities and townships across the state are facing significant reductions in state aid with the downturn in sales and motor vehicle taxes. Oil producing counties have seen this multiplied with the loss of oil production tax revenue.